When the going gets tough

Sometimes Business is not all that much fun.

After a busy couple of weeks at the end of July, the last couple of  been a quiet time in my business, which is unusual, and I don’t like it, I like to be busy, but with downtime you can decide to do nothing about it, and hope it changes, or you can do something about it.

So, what do you do to pick up your production and what can you do to get out of a slump in your business.




Here are three quick tips to help you get out of a slump or a lack of motivation, and get back to the business.

1: Try new things.

Continue to do what has worked for you in the past, many of us forget this.  But try new things, take half a day, a notepad and write out some ideas about where you can get more leads from, what other revenue streams you can bring into your business, who you need to help with these things, and plan a strategy to try something new.

If you lose focus on what you were doing before that you were good at, and was getting you good results, it may just be a lull.  But trying new things is important too.  The best companies in the world, and the best businesses always try new things, they are not scared of change, but they embrace change.  Be the change in your business, try new things, and you may even open an untapped market, this has been proven to be true for me.  This past couple of weeks I have employed two new members of staff to help in totally different areas, but each working in a new segment and already getting results.


2: Read.

Readers are leaders.

I like to read biographies and business books, fiction does nothing for me, I’d prefer to watch a movie.

Business books especially books about a successful person, can give you some insights into why that particular person is successful.

If you don’t have time to read a whole book, check out an app I use called Blinkist, it contains thousands of books broken down into key points and you can read a whole chapter in a few minutes, or download the spoken version and listen in your car, or on the train, or bus or whenever you feel you want too.


3: Get up Early.

Succesful people start their day early.  Fact.

I usually get up around 5.30AM spend a few minutes of complete quiet time, then spend some time meditating, and then take the dog for a walk, on the walk Ill listen to a podcast or a book on Blinkist, then write down some affirmations and goals in a journal.

I learnt this from a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  It has changed the way I feel, my motivation levels and how I conduct myself with people, it really helps to start the day off correct.

After all this, I take a shower, and have breakfast ready to head out the door by 7AM most days.

I find I show up at the office an hour before everyone else, I can work on ideas, get some emails answered and get a whole lot more done before the distractions start, e.g. Phone ringing, emails, talking to staff, and helping clients.


These three ideas have really helped me to be more successful, do more with less time, and work my ideal week.

Hope there is something you can take out of it.

All the best



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