Air New Zealand Business Class 

A short trip to Sydney from Auckland meant the use of one of my upgrades was needed. Find out more at

With Air New Zealand you receive complimentary upgrades if you achieve certain status levels, and I decided to use mine on a recent trip to Sydney to visit family.

When you arrive on board the 737-300 you are greated with a business class configuration of 1 – 2 – 1 seating and I was seated in the middle of the plane.

The seats are spacious, comfortable, and relatively private.

Personally I’d prefer to ba facing forward as these seats face inwards and towards the aisle, but still a great seat.

The service when you arrive is pleasant, with one of the flight attendants greeting you by name, welcoming you on the plane, offering a salsa of either champagne, orange juice, or water, and a copy of the menu.

I took my seat, my water, and plugged my headphones in and settled in for the next three hours.

The food selection was wonderful with a menu put together by both Michael Meredith and Peter Gordon, two prominent New Zealand Chefs, as it was an early flight soa breakfast menu and when service starts they bring out some fruit, yogurt, and cereal to start, then a collection of toast or croissant, then a warm meal.

Our choices were hot cakes, an omelette, and a breakfast wrap, I ordered the omelette, it was very tasty.

I watched a movie on the inflight entertainment, then a documentary, and all to soon we arrived in Sydney.

The flight attendants were very accommodating and also handed out an express arrival forms, as well as the usual Air New Zealand lollies to help with getting through customs quicker.

All in all, a great service, friendly staff, a comfortable seat with plenty of options of USB and or power to plug gadgets into, and being able to plug your own headphones directly into the bottom of the screen.  I’d highly recommend Air New Zealand, if your traveling to or from New Zealand, the are consistently winning the airline ratings, airline of the year and the warm friendly service is a testament to good old fashioned Kiwi (native New Zealanders are known as) hospitality.

Do try them and happy travels.


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