2018 Here it goes

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you all had a great party to celebrate the arrival of 2018, and can look back on 2017 with some positive focus, and the lessons you learned from the year just gone.

This post is a few lessons I learned in 2017 as well as the places I travelled too, and what’s on the agenda for 2018.

First port of call last year was Jan 3rd from Auckland to Canada, mainly Big White Ski resort in British Columbia Canada, an amazing family friendly ski resort, where pretty much every house is ski in ski out, it was most of my family, and a business partners and his family, for two weeks of skiing, chilling out and pretty much good times.

It was even better as my sister from Aussie was able to join us with her three kids.

Here is a few of the pics from Canada.

My next trip was hosting a roadshow conference for my business, here I learnt some great business lessons from the international speakers we had, and the biggest lesson from the week away was from John Maxwell and his 5 levels of leadership.

I urge you to research it, as anyone ion business or selling can really get some great value from it.

Essentially it talks about the difference in selling a product to having Wisdom and being holistic in your values, giving the highest margin clients, this is really something I am working on in my business for 2018.

Our road trip took in the sites around Queenstown and Wanaka, Christchurch, Wellington and Finally Auckland. It is great to travel through your own country, and as I write this post from a beach house in Ohope you really do realise how great the pace we live in is.

In March, I visited the Australian Grand Prix with a friend, we had a great long weekend away, I am a huge Motorsport fan, and always enjoy a Motorsport event, and F1 is the best of the best. We were lucky enough to be in the Renault Torque Bar all weekend, with drinks and food supplied.

Melbourne Australia is such a great city, its got culture, so many good bars and restaurants, some awesome rooftop bars, and always something sporting or cultural on, with world class shopping too, it really does cater for everyone’s tastes.

Out of all the cities I have visited or lived in Australia, I do believe Melbourne is up there with a big centres of the world like, London, Paris and New York.

Next came a bit of work, and all of a sudden it was Mid May, and I was to be away for the next 8.5 weeks out of 10!!!

I’ll write the next pst to be about the back end of the year, as this one has probably gone on long enough, and there’s more stories and lessons learned in the next post, which I will get out this week…. I promise.

Enjoy the start of 2018.


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