So we left off, just after Melbourne, and it was time for a month and a bit of hard solid work, until my month long away to Europe and the USA, and then a real mess of Mid June, July and finally back to some normality in August.

I’ll explain……..

I had been chairing an international organisation (the New Zealand arm) for the past 2 years, and had made many contacts from overseas in my industry, who know a lot and have really good systems and run their businesses really well.

So luckily, I was able to tap into those people, organise some meetings and then add a holiday in as well, finishing off with a conference in June in Orlando.

The 12th of May was departure day from New Zealand, I flew Air New Zealand is I mostly do, as I have elite air points status with them and sometimes get good upgrades, and you do get treated differently on the plane.

I flew premium economy class, the whole way on their older space saver seats, they were great, but as airlines are businesses they got rid of them,and put four seats in the middle now, I get it, its more money.

Landing in London, I set off for my hotel and an explore around London, I stayed near Oxford Circus, so had the tube handy, wasn’t far away from regent street, Soho, or anywhere really.

I decided later in the afternoon to do a hop on hop off bus tour, which is a pretty good way to see the sights in a short(ish) amount of time, then had an early night, I was falling asleep at 8PM after my 28 hour travel.

I had a couple more days in London, sightseeing the usual spots, Leicester Square, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, all that stuff.

But the highlight or highlights for me were a tour of Stamford Bridge (Disclosure, I am a Chelsea Football Fan) and then attending a game with a mate who’s from London, the week after we won the English Premier League, so it was party time at Stamford Bridge that’s night, and we were treated to a 4-3 win over Watford, so plenty of goal action too. Ive been to plenty of sporting events all over the world, but a premier league game is such an experience, the atmosphere, the singing, and the people make it a great day or night out.


Onto Munich.

I had had half a day in Munich about 5 years ago, and really liked the place, so I decided to spend 4 days exploring, eating the food, and drinking plenty of Bavarian beer, my favourite, also I really enjoy learning about world war 2, my grandfather was in the army during WW2 and used to tell some amazing stories about it, and since childhood I’ve been fascinated by this time in history.

I did a walking tour around Munich, called a third Reich tour, visiting the spots where the Nazi party came to be, true beer halls, the public places, and the historical monuments and buildings were a great way to see some of the city, and learn about its recent past.

I went to the BMW factory and did a tour through there museum, and then just went around the city trying out the food, and beer and generally enjoying the nice weather they were having.

The last day I did a tour to Obersalzburg (excuse spelling) this is a place in the German alps, near Austria that Hitler and many of his top guys had holiday homes (stolen form citizens) and also there was a building built and is still there called the Eagles Nest, per head high on top of a mountain, I went on an organised tour, and learnt so much about the area, and the Eagles next, Highly recommended, and the country some was so beautiful, I hate to say it, but I am a massive fan of Queenstown and Wanaka in New Zealand, but the scenery in the alps was marginally better….

Here’s a few pics from Munich.

After Munich, I caught the train and visited my cousin who lives in Zurich in Switzerland, and only had an afternoon and evening there, as I flew out to Venice the next day, but Zurich was nice, we did a cruise around the lake on a ferry, then went walking around the city, out to her house about 15 minutes away from town, and just had a relaxing night and a nice dinner at a restaurant, that served New Zealand beer and wine.

Part 3 will contain my cruise, and some really good business tips, as I realise this had no real business content.

Stay Tuned.


2018 Here we go……Part 2

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