The final part of the saga….HAHA.

So I left Zurich, for a short flight to Venice, and aboard my first ever cruise, I was picturing blue rinse hair, older European gents in speedos, and games like Bingo.

There was some of that, but also It was a good young group of people also.

I got on board relatively early and explored and had a beer, then we set sail around 6pm, leaving Venice was amazing, you tower over the place and the views are very pleasant, at 7PM the boat had a sol travellers meet and greet so I thought I would go along and see if there was anyone of interest to talk to for the following week.

My Ship the Norweigan Star, and leaving Venice.

The solo travellers were a mixed bunch, and I decided there was probably 8-10 that I’d hang around with, and what a great crew!! We partied hard and saw some sights during the day stops, and if we wanted to do our own thing, that was fine, its probably one of the best things about solo travel, is you can literally do what you want too.

I visited, Dubrovnik, Athens, Olympia, and Split all in all a great week, and I highly recommend Norwegian Cruise Lines, check them out here I’ve already booked my next cruise in March this year. (I am not paid to write or advertise NCL)

From the cruise it was off to Orlando Florida, for MDRT a massive conference with 15,000 Financial Professionals in attendance.

This is my major conference I attend each year and the lessons I get are always up to date and amazing, it is advisers helping advisers.

The business lessons I got out of last years meeting were many and varied, but my top 3 are:

1. Happiness is a business model, create workplaces with happier employees = happier customers = meaningful life (this one is a work in progress)

2. How to Frayne questions to get people engaged more and talking about their wants, needs and desires. We always used to ask, tell me what you need? And you’d get an answer, now I ask clients, what is it you want? They start to open up more and tell your exactly what they want, its your job to listen…

3. Lastly, just a really good quote: Falling down is not a sin, not getting back up again is!

This one is pretty simple, if you are in business or just in life, you are going to make mistakes, be told no, or have something backfire on you.

The amount of times I have stuffed up, got it wrong, been told no to, you need to have a tough hide, and keep getting up.

As long as you get up, dust yourself off and keep motivated you will be successful.

That’s the business part of this.

The rest of the year, I got home from USA, had a week at work, then 2 days in Melbourne Australia, looking at how some practises operate there, and then off to Hong Kong for a week, I’ve been to Hong Kong before, but this was a special trip, as I got to have dinner with Sir Bob Geldof.

The rest of the year was bit of a blur, I got back to NZ, did some work, we took our whole team and their partners to the Cook Islands for a long weekend, and invited a CEO of a local Insurance company to come and spend time and speak to the team about her success, and then had an ankle operation mid October, was off for a couple of weeks, another conference in November and that was the end of the year.

2017 had some great challenges, lots of travel, which equal lots of air points and upgrades, some great lessons, and learnings, some renewed and new friendships, and a fresh outlook for 2018.

This year for me is about change, and disruption, I have taken on a new role within the company as the group managing director, and in charge of growing the company and marketing.

It is a new role, with a different description of what it is I am doing, and new challenges, I really look forward to it, and the lessons I will learn, and the growth we can get in our company.

All the best for 2018.


2018 Part 3

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