Why I set up a Home Office

My new office space from home.

I really like going to work, and seeing my team members and talking over things in person, but there comes a time when you need privacy, space, and the ability to concentrate without interruption.

So over the last couple of weekends, I have cleaned out the spare room, bought a little desk, a new chair, and a lamp and set myself up with a home office. In the past, I have just used the kitchen table, but I find there I can get distracted, walk over and put the TV on, and basically waste time, not use it efficiently.

Recently in my business I have taken on a more managerial role, and this means I need to spend some time working on the projects we are working on within the business, and it requires thought, and execution, with the disruptions you can get in an office environment this allows me to be connected the office, still talking with my PA, but the peace to get on with the thoughts, and planning I need to get things done in a quiet environment.

I doubt I will use this a heck of a lot, but I know it is here, if I need the space and peace, I am also lucky in the fact that my office is only 5 minutes drive away should I need to be there quickly, or for meetings.

It’s a nice space overlooking a garden, and well lit, so will be conducive to some solid work, this post took merely minutes to put up, and the other bonus is, I didn’t have to go anywhere to do it, so its good for the environment too.

Until next time.



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