Service Is Easy…..Ish

I love to travel, but am a business man, and love to give great customer service.

I believe that good customer service is the one of the most important part of any business.

This is going to be a short rant post. I am sitting in the Delta Sky Lounge at LAX awaiting my boarding to fly to Miami for a cruise to the western Caribbean.

I’ll post about this in a week or two, however, I had booked first class seats on the plane, so assumed that as with most airlines around the work if you pay for a premium service you would get access included in your ticket to the airline lounge.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all bad, the lady who checked me in and took my bag was wonderful , so friendly and helpful, even told me the lounge at terminal 2 was better than the one at terminal 3.

So i went to the terminal 2 lounge, present my boarding pass, and was asked if I was supposed to be there?? It’s my first ever flight with delta, how the F*&K would I know where i am supposed to be!

I said I thought that it would be included in my fare, they said no. So I went back to terminal 3, thinking that the domestic one would let me in, short answer no, unless I had an American Express Platinum card, which I don’t, I have a Visa Platinum card, but no deal, so as I was quite early and needed to get some work done in relative peace, apart form the over bearing loud woman talking to not only her friends but anyone else within a 2 mile radius, they said I could come in for $59USD, so I paid.

The good thing is the wifi, the food was minimal but ok, but the staff are grumpy, rude, and not very helpful. I have not had this bad a service for something I have paid for in such a long time, especially in the U.S.A. where usually everyone is super helpful.

I don’t type this to whinge (although it sounds like it) its just amazing the differences in worldwide airline staff, and lounges, I usually fly Air New Zealand, and you always get warmly welcomed, the staff are attentive and helpful, and nothing seems too hard.

I really think some of these other airlines should do some research into what makes a good airline and what makes a great airline, and its pretty simple, with some good service.

I’m not a demanding person, I always use my manners, as i was brought up the right way, but I feel that there are so many people in the service industry who could at least try and be helpful.

Right, Rant Over!!! I am a bout to board, my First Class, flight and really looking forward to travelling in some comfort for the next 5 hours or so.

Until next time,



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