LA, Miami, Western Caribbean incl Mayan Ruins, Orlando and and unexpected stop in Houston

(Mayan Ruins near Cozumel Mexico)

Two and a half weeks of travel, six different flights, a cruise ship, a boat tour, and a layover not planned in Houston.

This is that story.

I began leaving Auckland on the 22nd March, its now the 8th April, and I am awaiting Mum departure to Auckland from Houston Texas.

I had a course I have been attending in Los Angeles to start my adventure, which was always very valuable, and I got this great business quote from it .

“Growth results from the willingness to go through periods of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort to reach a higher level of “Normal”.

What is your current Normal? And why are you not doing everything you can to better yourself, and achieve a new level of normal, I thoroughly believe in always trying to achieve more, a higher level of income, a level of discomfort is great in business, we are constantly changing how we do things, improving, tweaking, and sometimes myself and the others in the business have fears, or are uncomfortable, but to grow we must go through these things.

After my course, I flew to Miami to meet the Norwegian Getaway a cruise ship that holds approximately 4900 guests and a further 1600 staff.

The cruise was to visit Honduras, Belize, Cozumel and Costa Maya both in Mexico.

The ship is awesome, really a floating city, you can even geht a haircut on board (which I did) and was able to visit some new places, and meet some new people.

For me, the ports of Roatan in Honduras, and Harvest Caye in Belize were just o.k. They were shopping centres, I wasn’t really interested in any of the activities they had on offer, and really used the first three days on board to relax, and chill out after a busy first quarter of the year.

Once we hit Mexico I was able to get out and visit the two ancient Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich and Dzibanche, these were both amazing, and ours thunder was so knowledgable and friendly, plus a friend I had made Patricio was very skilled in ancient Mayan Civilisation which was awesome. I’ve decided now to visit Machu Picchu hopefully before 2020.

Some of the pictures taken in Cozumel Mexico.

Miami and Orlando

After the cruise I had decided to visit Miami, and then head back up to Orlando in Florida, I was in Orlando last year for a conference, but didn’t really see much apart from the convention centre, and the hotel.

So I had two days in Miami, it was an interesting city, a real party place, Burt unfortunately for me I wasn’t feeling 100% well, had a bit of the dreaded Man-Flu and my ankle was quite swollen, so hobbled about and did a hop on hop off buds tour, and then a boat tour around the millionaire islands, where the Rich and Famous have houses, what amazing places they were.

I visited briefly Little Havana in Miami, but had to leave and get my rental car to take the drive to Orlando the following day, however, the rental car agency had no cars available (awesome after you’ve already pre booked and prepaid for it) the lady at Hertz in South beach was probably the rudest person I have ever encountered in a customer service role, but after a call to my travel agent, we got sorted, and a car was to be available to me form the Miami Airport the following morning, so it didn’t really hamper plans to much.

The drive to Orlando was fine, I went up the turnpike there wasn’t a lot to see, but made good time and arrived mid morning, after a bit of shopping I checked into the Avanti Resort on international Drive, Orlando.

The hotel was nothing special, but it was a really good price, had an awesome pool complex, and the weather was perfect, mid to late 20’s for those in Celsius, and mid 70’s in Fahrenheit.

the following three days were spent at Walt Disnelyworld, I hadn’t been for around 20 years, so didn’t remember much, but I personally thought I was better than DisneyLand, however much more spaced out, but four parks to visit, and other things to do.

The highlight was doing the Avatar Ride, where you take charge of an avatars banshee (from the movie) and fly through Na’vi it was well worth the 2.5 hour wait for the ride, the parks were busy with spring breakers but it never felt too crowded anywhere.

I highly recommend visiting Walt Disneyworld in Florida, here are a few pictures.

But first a quote from Walt Disney, I really liked this and I saw it my first morning I arrived at Hollywood Studios, it really made me think what we can achieve.

Here are my Disneyworl Pictures.

After my Orlando experience, I was to fly out from Orlando at 7.05Pm on the Saturday arrive in Houston around 845PM and transfer to my Air New Zealand flight leaving at 1015PM.

As we boarded about 30 minutes late after our plane arrived into Orlando late, I started wondering whether we would make the connection, then the thunder storm hit, we waited for 2 hours on the tarmac, and finally got underway to Houston, we arrived at 1020PM and I instantly got a notification. Saying my flight had left.


So I tried to get my bags to no avail, and then was able to check into the Airport Marriott which was really easy to get to on the underground train loop they have at the airport, I met up with another Kiwi traveller, who funnily enough was sitting next to me on the flight to Houston, and had a late night drink, finally getting into my room at 2AM for some well earned sleep.

I am currently at Houston Airport in the United Lounge, awaiting my flight to Auckland this evening, with just over an hour to go, am looking forward to getting back to work, and the 14.5 hour flight home in Business Class (Thanks for the Upgrade Air NZ).

I hope you enjoyed reading, and all the best.



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