Alaska Part 2

From Ketchikan we sailed onto Juneau, and off to visit the Medenhall Glacier and Salmon hatchery.

A great scenic trip, with a great guide again, and then a quick look around Juneau.

Once back on board, we were to sail to another glacier, however due to the very warm wether, we could not go all the way and had to turn around about 15 minutes before we were to get there.

So onto Skagway, and the stop I was most looking forward too.

I was to disembark for the day onto the White Pass Railway, and travel up the White Pass to Fraser in Canada, and the Yukon Territory learning about the early settlers and gold miners, this scenic railway must have been really hard going 100 years ago, as it was steep and long, it is hard to imagine what the early gold miners went through to get to the Yukon, and the amount of lives lost both human and animal was amazing to me.

This is where I got to see a bear in the wild although breif it was really cool.

Once we arrived in Fraser it was back onto the bus, a quick stop at the Yukon sign, driving through amazing scenery, and another quick stop at the Emerald Lake, from here we went to caribou crossing for lunch, and a look around.

Once we had been feed and watered, we went into the historic town Carcross.

Another stop for ice cream and a look through this tiny town, we headed back to Skagway, and back aboard the ship for a night, and day at sea.

That Night we boarded and went to dinner in the main dining room, The Manhattan room, it is really nicely appointed and after dinner we went to the broadway show Jersey Boys.

I’ve seen the show before, and it was as good as I remembered, a must see if you’re on the Bliss, and there is no charge!

The following day on board there was lots to do. Bingo, Deal or No Deal, and a variety of other entertainment, I decided to relax a bit, read a book, and wander the shops and had a nice lunch in the restaurant.

The next day was mainly at sea then a quick stop into Victoria on Vancouver Island Canada.

I wasn’t really feeling very well, but got off the boat and went for a quick walk into town for a look around, it looks like a nice place, quite historic.

One Last view of this amazing Ship.

Thanks to Norwegian Cruise Lines for hosting a great week on board, your staff, entertainment, food and drinks were top class.

Can’t wait to travel with you again.

From Victoria, we boarded once again, had dinner with some friends, and a few drinks, remembering to pack as I had to exit the boat early the next day to head to Seattle Airport for a flight to a conference on the Big Island of Hawaii.

All in all, the trip was amazing I met some really fun, and cool people, saw some amazing sights, and had a whole bunch of new experiences.

I would highly recommend travelling on the newest ship on Norwegians fleet, although it is a little more expensive than some of the other cruise lines in and out of Alaska, it is really quite special on board.

Safe travels.


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