2019 the Mantra should be Just Go….

Where are you going?

What are you Doing?

How long are you doing it for? and who with?


These are the questions you should and could be thinking of when planning your travels for 2019, and right now is a great time to plan.

JUST GO, don’t procrastinate any longer, life is too short to not go.

Its the end of the year, for some work is starting to slow down, so why not open the google machine, or Pinterest, and start getting some inspiration or ideas of where you’d like to go to next.

I have got the first two trips planned so far, one in March to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne, the next is a much larger trip to Miami for a conference, then a flight to Barcelona, and a cruise around the Mediterranean, followed by a couple of weeks of free time to explore, and then another conference in Vietnam.  I also have to go to Sydney for a week in September, so quite a bit on so far, but always looking for what else I can squeeze into a reasonably full schedule.

Ill spend the Christmas period with family and friends, around home, then in the first week or January heading off to a place in New Zealand called Cooks Beach, its only a couple of hours away from home, but as its summer, and hopefully the weather is good, can go and relax, hit the beach, and spend some more time planning my business and travel for the coming year.


All the best over the holiday period to you, and hopefully 2019 is the best year ever.

Travel Safe.