About Me

IMG_8013Hi, thanks for stopping by.

Im Mat Page, I’m from New Zealand, am self employed (Love it) and travel.

This page has been built to give travel and business tips, on how you can become self employed, learn to love your lifestyle and travel more.

The page will post regular blogs with tips, and tricks on where top go, what to do and how to get the most out of your travel experiences.

As well as, some business tips about how to build the business of your dreams that will allow to to take control of your lifestyle.

Ever think there is something better out there for me? I used to too.

Until I became self employed I worked week by week for a pay check and never really got to live the life I wanted, but by starting my own company, working hard at it, i am able to travel often, work hard, and enjoy a really good lifestyle.

Please sign up and be inspired.