Do you have a Super Hero working for you?

Weird title for a post, but it should make sense at the end.

Travelling is great, I really enjoy it, so much so, I like to write about it too.

But what happens if something goes bad on a trip?

I’ve had so many bad experiences, flights re-routed, having to rent cars, and hotel rooms at 2AM in the morning in a city that’s 4 hours drive away from where your meeting is the next day, missed flights and had to stay overnight dealing with a foreign airline who didn’t seem that helpful.

Or the time I rented a car to drive one way pre paid and had a voucher with me, went to the rental agency with an hour before they closed for the day, to be told very rudely that we don’t have any cars.

So I’m stuck in a city, need to get to another one the next morning, and am on the phone trying to arrange things.

Then Superman steps in……. or it could be Superwoman…… I’m talking about my travel agent.

Basically they are experts in helping you book your travel, arrange any transfers, accomodation, activities, travel insurance and, if it all goes badly they are the ones who can step in and sort out issues when they occur, and trust me, the more you travel the more things can and will happen to you.

This week I’ve been planning my travels for next year, so was visiting with my travel agents letting them know how things are, how they are, and where I want to go to next, my m,ain trip next year is going to be to Europe, after a conference in Miami Ill leave for Europe, maybe do a cruise around The Mediterranean then have thought I will spend a week or two in a villa or apartment in the south of France, visiting vineyards, checking out the area and doing day trips to different places, like Nice, Monaco, Marseilles, etc.

Also we are looking at some options for a trip away just after Christmas for a week, plus myself and a few friends are travelling to the Melbourne Formula 1 race in March 2019, the first race of the season, we have a 3 bedroom AirBNB apartment, and premium hospitality passes for the weekend.

All through the travel agent, I could spend hours doing it myself, or I could get an expert to do the leg work for me, offer advice, some really good ideas sometimes, and the certainty that if something goes wrong, they will step in and help out.