Time for another Solo Cruise

I have just booked another cruise on the Norwegian Bliss.

Excited is an understatement.

I was lucky enough to go on this ship in June 2018 and cruised from Seattle to Alaska, it is one of NCL’s newest ships and is amazing.

I am going to be travelling from the 21st April for 7 nights, and depart Los Angeles bound for the Mexican Riviera.

The stops are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan, (Hope I have spelt those all correctly, sorry in advance if I have not).


I am really looking forward to it for a few reasons.  The first is all of the location we are going to I have never been before, so I get to have a really good look around at some brand new places, try the food, drink the Tequila, all that wonderful touristy, cultural stuff we get to do on holiday.

Secondly, I am on Facebook, check out my page https://www.facebook.com/travelwithmat/

I belong to many travel, solo travel, solo cruise and cruise Facebook Groups, and sometimes these are really annoying with some silly questions people ask, and then other times you stumble across some golden tips, tricks etc.

There is a group set up for this specific cruise, and already its proved to be awesome, the last cruise I went on there was a group, and hardly anyone interacted on it, this time, there are people organising meet-ups, a pub crawl (there are around 13 bars on board).  Plus I have already met (online) a few other of the solo travellers going on the ship.  My tip here is if you are booked onto something search for groups or start up your own one for what you are doing, if you are travelling solo, it may be a great way to meet some new people.

This group got me onto a new website to me I had never seen before called http://www.cruisecritic.com

It is so cool, it has a lot of cruise deals, it lets you know all about the ship you are going on, and also reviews them by users like myself who if I wanted to go on and write a review about the cruise I have been on.  You learn a lot about the ports you stop at, what activities are available, and can even make bookings via their website, which I think if I have researched correctly the cost of the shore excursions look quite a bit cheaper than on board.

Lastly, This ship.


The Chandelier on board.

A Solo Studio Room, just big enough for one.

I have been on a few different ships and this was and is (So Far) my favourite ship, its new, clean, big.  It has a viewing deck which is inside as it was custom built for working in Alaska, there are so many bars, restaurants, activities to do on board, a casino, the day spa.
Last time I went on it had the stage show Jersey Boys, which was so good, as well as the Cavern Club had a Beatles tribute band, who were also really good.  The ship also has a huge gym, all the swimming pools, hot tubs, water-slides you could ever need, as well as a laser tag game, and a two story electric go-kart race track.  Plus probably heaps of other things I have forgotten to mention, it really is a one stop shop for the whole family.

Whilst it is a Mega Cruise Ship, I never really felt like it was too crowded, especially as there are a lot of options around eating times, some other ships are limited on where for instance, breakfast may be, the Bliss has so many options for breakfast, you could eat somewhere different every day for breakfast alone.

The staff are always really cool usually on the ships, and I am really looking forward to getting away, seeing some new places, meeting some new people, and having a good time.

Here are a few more pictures form last time I was on board.

The Observation Deck

Go-Kart Track











Enjoy, and travel safe.